Maybe OT - ARM software development: Eclipse often hangs

Started by Tilmann Reh April 20, 2007
Hello all,

I am using the YAGARTO toolchain (Eclipse, GNUARM, OpenOCD) for
developing the software for a current LPC213x project (OS: Win XP pro).

From time to time, the Eclipse IDE suddenly hangs. This happens when
trying to save after some changes have been made to a source file, or
when entering debug mode, or at some other circumstances. It does not
generally fail, and when I restart Eclipse it will work fine for some
time, but then suddenly it will hang again.

Every time it hangs, I need to shutdown it by the task manager. Then,
a popup message window from the java runtime module (javaw.exe)
appears, which shows this JVM exit code: 1073807364. "Googling" for this
code reveals no useful information - this seems to be an exit code that
appears quite often, for several causes, and not only with Eclipse.

However, regardless of what happened before the crash, the exit code is
always the same.

Perhaps someone is reading here who also uses this or a comparable
toolchain under Windows for ARM software development...
Is that a known bug of Eclipse, and/or what can I do to make it run
more stable?

Thanks in advance,

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