SAM7SE512 and external SDRAM

Started by RaceMouse May 31, 2007

I am experimenting with FreeRTOS, external SDRAM, display and GCC on a

I am trying to put the code in internal flash and the data and bss 
sections in external SDRAM. The first thing my boot.s does is a call to 
a function that initialises the EBI and SDRAM. The internal SRAM is left 

When I upload the SW via SAM-BA, all I need to do is to press the reset
button and wait ~5 secs for the SDRAM to be initialized. Then the
application starts up and functions as it should.

If I hereafter push the reset button again or disconnect/connect the
power the application never starts up.

I do not know where to begin looking for the fault. Can anybody help me
with a pointer in the right direction ?

Please let me know what kind of more info I  should provide