LPC or SAM7?

Started by Anthony Fremont July 31, 2007
"Anthony Fremont" <anyone@nospam.com> skrev i meddelandet
> Anthony Fremont wrote: >> Does it even matter? I've been doing the smaller micros (PIC, 8052, >> etc) in assembler for quite a while now, and I'd like to tinker with >> some ARM type stuff using C (gcc will be fine). I want to be able to >> use TCP/IP on the board. Looks like Olimex makes some pretty decent >> looking dev boards for cheap, but I don't know if I should lean >> towards the LPC line or the SAM7. What say ye? >> >> thanks for reading > > I haven't been ignoring you all, I've just been busy reading up a ton of > ARM material between bouts of "ordinary" work. Thanks for all the input, > sounds like the key factor for me in choosing a platform is what > peripherals are present. > > Now Olimex has gone on a month long vacation and sparkfun doesn't have the > board I'd like in stock. :-( I'll probably go ahead and get something > with network and a hitachi type LCD. The SAM7 thing that I liked had a > Nokia color LCD. I'm thinking that would be fun to tinker with, but a > free available TCP/IP stack and network jack are the key things I want to > mess with right now. > > Thanks again. :-) > >
www.freertos.org has a free TCP/IP stack for the SAM7X. -- Best Regards, Ulf Samuelsson This is intended to be my personal opinion which may, or may not be shared by my employer Atmel Nordic AB