cmos fet driver

Started by Hul Tytus August 4, 2007
cmos fet driver

	The cd4041ub looks good for driving an fet with about 2500 pf at the 
input. In the test circuit, the 4041 is driven by an optical isolator's output 
with rise & fall times in the neighborhood of 5 micro sec's. In this setup, 
the 4041 noninverting output drives 2500 pf in about 1/4 of a microsecond, 
rising & falling - well within limits. 
	However, the inverting output isn't so fast. It shows an initial 
ramping for a volt or two before geting to expected rise & fall rates. 
	What's needed, in order to use the inverting output, is a noninverting 
amplifier before the 4041ub. Or, hopefully, an equivelent to a 4041b, without 
the U for unbuffered. Maybe a buffered inverting "hex" driver I haven't seen 
with similar output specs to the 4041?
	Anyone know of such a device?