Started by Patelbaroda December 7, 2007
I am thinking to work with it with following interface and features,

- BT.656 NTSC video (16 bit 4:2:2 format 720x486) connected to Image
sensor input.

- LCD with touch screen 7" size with 640x480 16 bpp.
- 100 mbps etherent with traffic some what few mbps.
- two UART ports with 115.2 kbps and data some what in range of 100 Kbps
on each of them for sensors and other stuff.

- Want to have some graphic overlay with data coming from sensors.

My calculations are,

- Considering 9263's 16 bit Memory interface, with 66MWord/s it has 1056
mbps data transfer rate in burst mode.

- With video 640x480x16 bpp @ 70 Hz refresh rate, which comes around 328

- With BT.656 16 bit video comping from video board connected with Analog
NTSC camera (720x486 and 4:2:2 format) have bit rate of 320 mbps.
Does any one really working on making complex application with

However this requires some processing to convert from 720x486 to 640x480.
The processing also requires because of graphic overlay over video.

- Total bandwidth requirement for the said application for seems to be
around 320 + 328 = 648 on two external memory buses.

- How about internal data flow. The DMA used for buffer to LCD and Camera
to buffer be able to use seperate internal bus. In addition to that, can
CPU and graphic accelerator use different buses with same LCD buffer to
overlay graphics over video?

- Right now this is done using Fujitsu graphic processor called "Mint".
But the board has too many components. So I want to use single chip (for
processing) solution.

Does any one have similar thought or experience?

Thanks in advance.