12th intl CAN conference

Started by Unknown January 18, 2008
because I know many of you are using CAN or are at least interested in it, I
think it is opportune to point to an importand event.

                    12th international CAN Conference
                          will take place from
                 11th of March to 13th of March 2008
                           in Barcelona (Spain).

You can meet CAN-experts from all over the world at this conference.

The two-day conference is preceded by a one-day workshop event. The
workshops provide the possibility of gaining practical experiences
with CAN in small groups; here visitors can acquire basic knowledge
in CAN.
The following two days are especially interesting for experts. The
speeches and topics range from fundamental research on the CAN data
link layer, which will be particularly interesting to visitors of
the chip-making industries, to e.g. device profiles for specific
A table-top exhibition accompanies the conference and the
workshops. Experts and exhibitors meet here in a relaxed atmosphere.

                       Let us meet in Barcelona !

                    Further information and registration

PS. CiA still accepts orders for the table-top stands