HEX file in LPC2000 Flash Utility

Started by sarah January 31, 2008
sarah wrote:
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> > What is starange is that when I use the below HEX file, I can > upload ut to the Flash: > :10001300AC12AD13AE10AF1112002F8E0E8F0F2244
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ which are here ^^___ Data length is 10 hex, i.e. 16 bytes ^^^^____ and load at address 0013 (hex) ^^____ this is a type 0 (data) record. and has a checksum of 44 hex ____ ^^ and anything following, up to the colon, is to be ignored.
> :10000300E50B250DF509E50A350CF5081200132259 > :03000000020023D8 > :0C002300787FE4F6D8FD7581130200031D > :10002F00EFF88DF0A4FFEDC5F0CEA42EFEEC88F016 > :04003F00A42EFE22CB
The above are all type 00, i.e. data, records.
> :00000001FF
but this ^^ is a zero data length type 1 record. The 0000 address says transfer control to the byte loaded at address 0, or don't transfer.
> I am confused!!!
Look up the reference I gave you yesterday, which explains it all. If you want to post a followup via, ensure you quote enough for the article to make sense. Google is only an interface to Usenet; it's not Usenet itself. Don't assume your readers can, or ever will, see any previous articles. More details at: <> -- [mail]: Chuck F (cbfalconer at maineline dot net) [page]: <> Try the download section. -- Posted via a free Usenet account from