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Is LPC2888 flash programming using openOCD possible?

Started by Unknown March 19, 2008
Is it even possible to program the LPC2888 program flash using openOCD?

I've managed to successfully program a Olimex LPC-H2888 devel board
across its USB port using the NXP USB DFU flash programming utility.

Debug with gdb using openOCD and an Olimex OpenOCD JTAG TINY seems
to also be working nicely.

However I've had no success as a newbie in poking at the openOCD
configuration scripts to get flash programming working.

The NXP application note AN10548 "Getting Started with LPC288x" seems
to indicate that the LPC2888 flash programming interface is different
from all other LPC2000 devices. (p.19 Section 6. Flash programming)

So the question is if the 'lpc2000' driver for the openOCD config
'flash bank' configuration usable for the LPC2888?  Is anyone
actually using this device?


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