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bootloader for SAM7 parts

Started by Roman Mashak April 17, 2008
Hello, All!

I'm studying SAM7 and going to implement a simple bootloader for sam7s256
and sam7s64 later on. I already checked the application note "Safe abd
secure bootloader" provided by Atmel. It's source code is based on IAR
compiler, and it's confusing me a lot.

What I don't quite understand now is the concept of remapping. When and
where in bootloader design I need remapping functionality? As I understood,
booting code, which is responsible for uploading image via RS232 or, for
example, USB  doesn't need to be remapped, but application being uploaded is

Am I correct?

Would appreciate any hints and help!

With best regards, Roman Mashak.  E-mail: mrv@tusur.ru 

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