Smallest Chess Engine ?

Started by ligfietser2003 August 3, 2006
Hm, embedded controllers and chess ?

Yep, since I got the LCD Game board with an LPC2104 and a color LCD
(130x130) I am trying to get a chess program to run on this board.

Started of with the TSCP from Tom Kerrigan but that one proved to be
too big - So now I ended up with a very old copy (1983 version) of
usurpator. A chess engine for the old and famous 6502.
Together with the M6502 simulator from Michal Kowalski it first, even
with some of the other games that were originally delivered with the
Size of the program is about 25 kB of Flash and 7 kB of RAM (that's
including the M6502 simulator) but the speed of the game is not that fast.

Does anyone know of a small chess engine for the ARM7 core that would
fit (I've still got about 10 kB of Flash left and .5 kB of RAM)?
Another option is to recode the usurpator code from 6502 into ARM code
but that will defenitely take me more than the day or two I used to
get the current stuff running.

(image of the LCD and links available on



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