ANN: HBBR Basic IDE and Compiler for ARM based microcontrollers

Started by elektrknight December 12, 2006
Hobby-Robotics is pleased to introduce HBBR Basic IDE and Compiler
for ARM based microcontrollers. Currently supported NXP LPC2000
series devices are:

- LPC2106,LPC2105,LPC2104

- LPC2138,LPC2136,LPC2134

- LPC2148,LPC2146,LPC2144

- HBBR Basic is a modern structured Basic variant (full documentation
can be found on-line)

- You can edit, compile, upload and communicate from a HBBR IDE

- Only serial port is required to upload, debug and communicate with
your board

- Quickly start your first project with provided tutorial and easy
auto cpu configuration

- Develop complex applications with the provided LPC2000 SDK and
runtime support

- Easy installation and setup

- Join our on-line community to learn and share
To take advantage of the limited time introductory offer please go to

Thank you,

An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series