Re: Remote Firmware Update

Started by Richard Duits November 12, 2007
From the LPC2119/2129/2194/2292/2294 user manual chapter "FLASH MEMORY

Criterion for valid user code: The reserved ARM interrupt vector
location (0x0000 0014) should contain the 2s complement of
the check-sum of the remaining interrupt vectors. This causes the
checksum of all of the vectors together to be 0. The boot loader
code disables the overlaying of the interrupt vectors from the boot
block, then calculates the checksum of the interrupt vectors in
sector 0 of the flash. If the signatures match then the execution
control is transferred to the user code by loading the program
counter with 0x 0000 0000. Hence the user flash reset vector should
contain a jump instruction to the entry point of the user
application code

This should be the same for all LPC2xxx devices, but to be sure check
the user manual for your LPC part.


Dinesh kumar Godthi wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> Could you please let me know the procedure to calculate and update the
> exception vectors.
> Thanks,
> Dinesh.
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> Behalf Of *Richard Duits
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> *Subject:* Re: [lpc2000] Remote Firmware Update
> The LPC bootloader needs a checksum of the exception vectors. Usually
> this checksum is updated by the programming utility (like flash magic).
> Regards,
> Richard.
> d...@hcl.in wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > We have a system in which LPC2132 is being used to control a board
> which is conneted to a Master Board over I2C1 Bus.
> >
> > Now the problem is to get the image file from mother board and update
> the LPC2132 code.
> >
> > The only way we can get the image is on I2C1 Bus. The Image is broken
> in to address and data and passed on to LPC2132 over I2C. As known, on
> LPC2132 we dont have enough memory space to take the entire copy of
> the image. We are transferring in packets and writing it to the flash
> depending on the address.
> >
> > But when we do a reboot, the LPC is not coming up.
> >
> > Could some one on the board help us. Or do any one have the similar
> experience please share that and help us.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Dinesh.
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