LPC2104 using LPC GCC Compiler Tools

Started by "Lava S. kumar" November 16, 2007
I am using LPC gcc compiler tools,during program compilation and debugging I face some problems.

My board having one serial port,one modem port and one jtag connector.
My tools are "GNU gdb 2003-09-20-cvs (cygwin special),copy right 2003
GDB configured as "i686-pc-cygwin",and GNU gdb 6.1-macraigor2.

First off all know my procedure
1. In cygwin bash window (fro working directory), Executed the commands "make clean" and "make flash"for compilation and creating hex code.
2. Then that hex code is dumped to LPC2104 using Phillips flash utility.

I don't Know how to debug the program using GNU gdb 6.1-macraigor2[copy right 2004,GNUpro Toolkit Insight debugger].

I know run the code from FLASH
1. make flash
2. connect to Phillips utility
3. Down load the program.

Output seen on board.

After executing the command "OCDlibremote.exe -c ARM7 -d WIGGLER -s 2 " Hardware ditected. I don't know what the next procedure to follow?

I don't know run the code from RAM
1.make ram
2.connect to GDB.
3.Download the program.

1.How to "make ram" ?
2.Is neccessary the following files to make ram
3.main.c (User file)
4.make file (Command for RAM should be included in this file)
5.lpc2104-ram.ld (Linear script for RAM ,Not for ROM)
6.".gdbinit" (File common for any usr file and need to be placed in the
working folder)
7.lpc210x.h (Register definitions for LPC210X).
3.Ther is any step by step procedure to debug using "Insight" through gdb commands.
4.Where can i monitor the all of LPC2104 registers and memory during run time.
5.How to connect GDB
6.How to load the program.
7.What are the basic gdb commands to invoke the gdb.

Please guide to me how proceed ,
Thanking you sir.

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