Using PWM output to drive ESC

Started by Sumit Bhatnagar December 29, 2008
I have an AVR based ESC(Electronic speed controller). I would like to
use the PWM signal generated by LPC2148 and use this PWM signal as th
input for the ESC which will drive a BLDC motor.

I had a few questions:
1) Is it possible to drive the AVR based ESC and the motor with an
external PWM signal from the LPC2148.
2) The PWM signal from the LPC2148 is a 3.3V signal. Will the AVR
based ESC work with this signal or I need to have a 5V signal.
3) If the PWM signal should be 5V, how to make the 3.3V signal
amplified to 5V.
4) If the LPC2148 has 6 PWM outputs can I link them to 4 ESC's to
drive 4 motors.
5) How many max. BLDC motors can be driven using the PWM signals in
this scheme. How many max. can be driven using the PWM generator of the
LPC2148 only.

Thank you and have a great day.

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