Started by "dan.bendavid" July 15, 2010
I'm trying to use the LPC2470 bootloader and from reading the user manual it said that "the data stream is in UU-encode format".
I don't really know what it means but my question is if I write to the bootloader ASCII codes will it be ok?

If someone has an example code it will be great.


An Engineer's Guide to the LPC2100 Series

Hello Dan,

> UU-Encode
> If someone has an example code it will be great.

have a look at the source code from lpc21isp
(you can find it in file area of yahoo mailing list lpc21isp
or on sourceforge).

Best regards,


Hi Martin,


I in the NXP site there is a detailed explanation about it - TN07002 if you
want to know.

Thanks again.


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