Hot to install mplab in linux

Started by ricleite_pessoal August 27, 2008
Hot to install mplab in linux whith wine

First, install and configure wine. (apt-get,aptitude, compile, etc)

if you wine is ok get this mplab 7.40 package:

This file contains 60Mb.

Copy in your home directory:

cd ~
tar xjvf mplab-7.40_ie6-wine.tar.bz2

cd mplab

./ # run mplab an have a nice day

The secret is the Internet Explorer libs. The mplab not run (install)
without IE6.

In this package the IE6 is included.

The directory ~/mplab contains 2 scripts. - run mplab - run Internet Explorer in linux.

You may upgrade mplab:
copy the setup.exe in ~/mplab/programs/drive_c/
run in the the shell command:

WINEPREFIX="$(echo ~)/mplab/programs" wine "C:\setup.exe"
Tested and run in Slackware v10, v11,v12, Debian 4 and in my FreeBSD 7.0.

Excuse-me, my english is poor.