Re: RE: RTD Interface chip needed

Started by "Dwa...@planet.eon.net [piclist]" May 22, 2018
Hi there, Dennis.

Haven't heard from you for a while!

Most PIClisters spend their time at the PIClist mailing list
maintained at MIT. You can head over to for
instructions on how to join that list.

An awful lot of people also spend time at
. This is a great question and
answer site but they don't allow idle chit-chat. Thus: the PIClist
remains a great place to hang around.


At 04:38 AM 5/22/2018, crawley dennis p...@yahoo.com.ar
[piclist] wrote:
>Hi all.
>Is this alive?
>A lot of knowledge I've learned here, just say thank's to everyone...
>best regards,
>Dennis Crawley
Dwayne Reid
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Posted by: Dwayne Reid

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