Trouble: IC_Prog, JDM Programmer and Code Protect

Started by Dr. Soubhi Sabbagh March 18, 2003
Dear Jorge
as a reply of your message:
You mentioned that your are using IC_Prog and JDM Programmer, and have trouble with Code Protect:
Normally to reprogram a protected PIC you should first remove the CP option in the Fuses and program config (F4). And as mentioned in the datasheet given by
this procedure should erase the entire information from your PIC.
If you still find 0000 while trying to read this PIC, then the  problem is due to the JDM programmer design.
While JDM programmer takes it's programming voltage from the COM Port.
My experiance teached me that you can't remove a PIC protecion using this simple JDM programmer cause of its low power specification.
I had have the same trouble using 16F84.
And I used willem Prog found on this site to remove the PIC code protecion.
this programmer can work on IC-Prog and it has also it's special program (Willem Eprom Prog)
I mean you should use a programmer which has an external power supply. because removing the PC code takes more than usual power generated from the COM Port.
Finally, It's better to turn around this trouble by programming the PIC without Code Protection,  trying it then code protect the PIC by programming the config byte by setting the PC Fuses using the simple IC_Prog & JDM programmer and then hit (F4).
If you are sure about your PIC program, and need to verify the write option and code protect the chip in the same time, then it's better to select the verify during write, or you can't verify that PIC. and the PC code protect will return 0000, as an illegal error message.
I wish if my hints were helpful for you.
If anyone have the newest version of PIC BASIC Pro then help me.
You can visit my site on
But don't be astonished
Because this is my hobby.
This is the main message:
>   Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 19:51:28 -0000
>   From: "jartieda" <>
>   Subject: pic 18fxx2 icprog and jdm

>Im trying to program 18f452 with ic-prog and jdm programmer. but i'm
>not sure about if i have to fill the config words manually in ic-prog
>as when I load the program they are all set to 0000. i think that im
>write it code protected and thats why it fails to verify. can this be
>any body can tell me if has programed 18fxx usin this hardware?
>jorge artieda