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Re: One-Hot or Not?

Reply posted 3 years ago (06/08/2021)
Sorry, strictly speaking when more than one bit is set to 1 then it's not a "one-hot".

Re: One-Hot or Not?

Reply posted 3 years ago (06/08/2021)

Re: Recommendation for BLE MCU with good software API

Reply posted 3 years ago (02/08/2021)
Also being a long time Nordic user and fan, from the nRF24s onwards, I understand your concern. Recently I purchased a few Arduino Nano BLE 33 Sense to check if...

Re: How to measure distance between two sensors

Reply posted 6 years ago (08/07/2018)
Very rough measurements you can do if the radio has RSS or signal quality capability, but it will not be anywhere near the resolution you're indicating.Furthermore...

Re: ATmega32a ADC not working

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/27/2018)
The things I'd try are in order:1. Correct pin assigned in FW. ADC0 =  is on pin 40 on the PDIP version.2. Try the other ADC pins. Same result?3. Check the setting...

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