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C64 irq

Robert - Feb 21 2010
I'm wondering if anyone else has struggled with getting the IRQ interrupt working on a C32 or C64? I know that my code is OK because it works well on my XDT512 board. The voltage... C64 irq

Instruction Set help   [2 Articles]

jason_terhune - Feb 13 2010
Hello, I am very new to the 68HC12. I am in a class where we use the 68HC12 along with an IDE from P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc. I have only written some basic if-else and while... Instruction Set help

Help   [7 Articles]

Jerry Fields - Feb 9 2010
Hello, I have a mc9s12dp512 running on a Axiom CMD12DP512 board. I was making slight modifications on the program, but when I tried to reload it into internal flash, I keep get... Help

Determining sign of decmial number   [16 Articles]

AlD - Feb 9 2010
I'm writing a program that will swap the most significant 4-bits with the least significant 4 bits of only the negative bytes of a block of 8 bytes. The numbers in the block are a ... Determining sign of decmial number

Link Error( L1119) and creating of vector interrupt table   [2 Articles]

yiewcj - Feb 9 2010
Hi all, i am new to this software and hope to find some guidance over here. Firstly, I have encountered with this error: Link Error : L1119: Vector allocated at absolute... Link Error( L1119) and creating of vector interrupt table

Help   [2 Articles]

Joe Dee Kay - Feb 9 2010
I accidentally plugged my BDM in backward. Since then I haven't been able to access the flash. I'm thinking it accidentally secured the processor. Trying to unsecure the processo... Help

Wheel encoders code   [5 Articles]

0 - Jan 28 2010
I'm building a robot on wheels. I'm tryng to write a code for the wheel encoders but I don't know where to start. I have to be able to tell how far it goes and act upon a certain d... Wheel encoders code

SD card interface   [2 Articles]

"nielsen.daniel" - Jan 28 2010
on the dragon12+ board i am trying to create a data logger. i have been reading everywhere about using SPI to an external device. is it not possible to just put an SD card into ... SD card interface

Sending repeated strings

"nielsen.daniel" - Jan 27 2010
im using a dragon12+ and codewarrior im trying to send strings into sci1 and output it on sci0. i use a for(;;) loop so it should just continue forever but i send my name and t... Sending repeated strings

Problem in using SCI...send a string   [11 Articles]

-1 - Jan 27 2010
Hello, I have a problem with using SCI interface. I am able to send one character but sending a string does not work. Perhaps anyone can tell me what is wrong. void InitSCI0(... Problem in using SCI...send a string
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