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Lonnie HoneycuttNovember 16, 20131 comment

I've begun producing a new series of video tutorials for the hobbyist new to the Arduino or microcontrollers in general.  My videos are very pragmatic - I prefer to answer the question "what is the quickest, simplest and most affordable way to accomplish this?".  The videos are meant to be a quick source of "how to" knowledge for the hobbyist that is using an LCD display, ultrasonic sensor or accelerometer for the first time, for example.  I hope you enjoy this series of videos, and if there are any requests for specific topics you'd like to see covered, please put them in the comments below.

A little behind-the-scenes info.  I am shooting with multiple cameras for the first time.  While filming, I'm constantly rolling video capture on my Mac, a JVC camcorder aimed directly at the project, then another camera from a wider angle.  Pretty happy with the results I'm getting so far, being able to easily change the camera angle in post-production in Final Cut Pro is incredible.  Not having to worry about camera angles while working/talking frees me to concentrate more on the subject matter at hand.  Hope you enjoy!

How to Arduino #1 - Installing the Arduino IDE, uploading your first sketch and a little info about how breadboards work.

This article is available in PDF format for easy printing

How to Arduino #2 - How to wire and program a 16X2 LCD display with the Arduino.

How to Arduino #3 - Servos!

How to Arduino #4 - Potentiometers and AnalogRead

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Hi Lonnie, I have been watching your videos and finding very easy to learn with you. You are very practical and go through a lot of details. I am trying to develop a project and I am not sure if Arduino will help me out. I need to develop a tool able to measure drilled hole depths. My plan was to use a servo motor running a winch down hole and when it reaches the bottom the number of pulses used would give me the depth. Could you see it working for me? Or should I look for something else? Thanks in advance, Everton
2 years ago
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