Memfault State of IoT Report

Python Code from My Articles Now Online in IPython Notebooks

Jason SachsMay 1, 20152 comments

Ever since I started using IPython Notebooks to write these articles, I’ve been wanting to publish them in a form such that you can freely use my Python code. One of you (maredsous10) wanted this access as well.

Well, I finally bit the bullet and automated a script that will extract the Python code and create standalone notebooks, that are available publicly under the Apache license on my bitbucket account: https://bitbucket.org/jason_s/embedded-blog-public

This also means they are available via the online notebook viewer at nbviewer.ipython.org:

For various reasons, most notably because this is Stephane’s website and my intention is to give him exclusive publishing access, I am not making the text available except through embeddedrelated.com. If you do share and use any of this code, please point people at this website. And I’d appreciate hearing how you made use of it — I always learn new things from people I’ve helped out.


© 2015 Jason M. Sachs, all rights reserved.

Memfault State of IoT Report
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Comment by doctekMay 26, 2022

Your articles are outstanding! I can't believe how much you pack into each one. I'm studying the PWM series now to learn things I haven't been able to find in lots of searches of Apps Notes, data sheets, etc. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Is there a new repository for the Python Code (notebooks)? These links (as I'm sure you know) are broken. I really don't want to cut and paste all the code.


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Comment by jms_nhJune 1, 2022

Thanks for the feedback. I need to find a new place to host my Mercurial repo. Atlassian bought and starved and killed Mercurial hosting on bitbucket so they could make a clone of github.

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