Code release: RedBoot config parser for Linux and a 24xx EEPROM MTD driver

Started by Andrzej Ekiert September 27, 2006
Hi all,

I have released under GPL some code that some of you might find useful.

1) fconfig
It is a Linux application to read and modify RedBoot configuration. I 
created it when I needed to synchronize Linux configuration (MAC and IP 
addresses, UART baudrate, etc.) with RedBoot config.

2) ee24
It is a Linux MTD driver (kernel 2.6.x) for 24XX series of I2C eeproms. 
It supports EEPROMs with 16-bit addresses (e.g. Microchip's 24LC512), 
but could easly be adapted to work with other chips, if someone cares to 
do it ;-)

Here is the link: http://andrzejekiert.ovh.org/software.html.en

Both apps have been tested with Snapgear Embedded Linux running kernel 
2.6 on a custom board, IXP425-based.

Hope this code will help someone.
Comments welcome.

Andrzej Ekiert

FUT: comp.os.linux.embedded