RS232 on PocketPC

Started by Joris Dobbelsteen August 16, 2004
"Marc Ramsey" <marc@ranlog.comREMOVE> wrote in message
> TheDoc wrote: > > Both the older HP jornada series and the newer Dell Axim support 232 > > forget USB/232.. you need a host not a client. > > The Axim serial port uses 3.3V logic levels, so it can not be hooked up > directly to an RS232 device. The serial hotsync cable contains an RS232
I said it supported 232, not had 232 levels.. you need a cheap $25 cable adaptor to get a 9 pin interface.. same with HP.
> level converter, which is powered by the host PC handshaking lines. > This makes it pretty much unsuitable for use with most serial GPS units, > except for those few devices that also provide a 3.3V serial interface. > > Most iPAQs have RS232 level serial ports, the exception is the 19xx > devices, which lack an external connection to the port. > > Marc
Joris Dobbelsteen wrote:
> "Ed Beroset" <beroset@mindspring.com> wrote in message > news:C9bUc.24043$nx2.8407@newsread2.news.atl.earthlink.net... > >>I own a Zaurus, but if you're looking exclusively for Pocket PC >>solutions, you won't want this -- it runs Linux. >>
> It looks they are retired by Sharp, am I correct?
No, that's incorrect. In fact, they just released a new model in March of this year, the SL-6000. Ed