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Maykel Alonso-Arce is a lecturer at TECNUN (University of Navarra), and a researcher at CEIT-IK4. He received his Technical Telecommunications Engineering degree, majoring in Communications Systems, in 2007 and his Telecommunications Engineering degree in 2009 from the Faculty of Engineering Mondragon University (MGEP), Spain. He obtained his PhD in Electronics and Communications Engineering from TECNUN in 2014.

Layout recomendations and tips for best performance against EMC

Dr. Maykel Alonso January 4, 2013

When making the layout of the circuit diagram, it is interesting to perform a preliminary analysis of several issues in order to minimize problems arising from electromagnetic compatibility.The analysis consists in:

Identify / Analyze components: This section will analyze the integrated components, as well as any recommendations it may have the manufacturer. We must also analyze the encapsulation possibilities which have the component.

First Steps in OrCAD 16 [Capture]

Dr. Maykel Alonso June 1, 20127 comments

Hello community, I know that in last posts I have been writting about the Software. But what about Hardware? In last months I have been dealing with it, exactly with OrCAD 16. And I will explain how to build a PCB  in 2 articles. For begginers could be a good and easy guide.

This article explains the part for the designing of the schematic, and in the next one which i will explain the layout part.

The first stuff you must known about OrCAD is that it is not an unique tool for...

Embedded Software Creation II - European Normative & Legislation

Dr. Maykel Alonso December 20, 20116 comments

In this post I will explain the European Normative. I will answer the main questions and I will be open to answer all the doubts any of you could have. Please leave a comment and I will answer if i could.

Why I need to look and accomplish some standards? 

The main reason is if you want to comercialize the product in the European Union, if exists any European Directive that cover the product, the product must be marked with the CE mark. For USA it work in the same way by the...

Embedded Software Creation I - Methodologies

Dr. Maykel Alonso June 20, 20112 comments

The first knowledge we need it is to know the posibilities or methodologies that exists to create Software. Each methodology is used to develop diferent types of Software. The types usually are defined by the requeriments and the diferent normative that is related to the type of device. In the next post I will explain how to find the normative@ legislation (link), and how does it work. 

Let's start with methodologies. There are lot's of methodologies and so many people that develop...

Presentation of Blog

Dr. Maykel Alonso April 18, 20111 comment

Hello all readers,

First of all if any of you want to know more about me, you could enter into my LinkedIn profile (link).

My intentions for this blog are to write some series of tutorials and manuals - maybe some new knowledge -  about the process of the creation of software related to embedded Software. I will try my bests to do that, and I will be open to discuss the posts/articles.

Please readers, you may notice that all the posts/articles will have a subjective point of...

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