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Mechanical engineer developing skills in an increasingly digital landscape. Hoping to design products which integrate mechanical and electrical systems with embedded control.

Re: Help stop the Arduino compiler outwitting me

Reply posted 10 months ago (07/31/2023)
As others have said, making testVal volatile might work, but another option could be moving each test to a separate source file. If each operator-assignment is separate...
I've experimented with some headers in the STL and believe some engineers paint with too broad a brush when saying it's inappropriate for constrained platforms....

Re: I Need a Test Specification Template

Reply posted 2 years ago (03/10/2022)
Hi Max,I've conducted a few customer-acceptance tests including writing the test reports. I don't follow a formal template, just a general set of items I've observed...

Re: Determining the index of a value in a struct

Reply posted 3 years ago (08/05/2021)
@mrfirmware, you beat me to it!MaxThere is helpful information on offsetof here https://en.cppreference.com/w/c/types/offsetof. That page also includes a web-based...

Re: HardFault during erasing Flash in debug mode

Reply posted 3 years ago (07/09/2021)
If you’re having trouble identifying the kind of hard fault, you might take a look at this article. https://interrupt.memfault.com/blog/cortex-m-fault-debug

Re: Variable Array Sizes when Instantiating?

Reply posted 3 years ago (06/28/2021)
Hi Max,Do you want the user to be able to reconfigure the display dynamically through a PC interface, or will changing the number of strings etc. require a recompile? If...
The prefix or postfix increment/decrement operator requires an lvalue and returns the value pre-modification. Since an rvalue (temporary) is returned, you can’t...

Re: SDKs and project management

Reply posted 3 years ago (02/11/2021)
Along this line, I’ve been experimenting with Docker and VSCode as a build environment. VSCode has a remote development option, so I can edit the sources in my...

Re: What are the odds? (Random Numbers)

Reply posted 3 years ago (02/02/2021)

Re: Karnaugh Map Minimizations

Reply posted 4 years ago (11/24/2020)
Hi Max,I hadn't heard of K-maps before - I guess it didn't come up in mechatronics class. It looks like a really useful tool as I had a use case just the other day....

Re: Assert() If You Test Pre/Post Conditions

Reply posted 4 years ago (11/06/2020)
Thank you, Matthew, Miro, and mr_bandit, for your advice and new resources to check out. As a follow up, are there any testing frameworks you would recommend? I've...

Assert() If You Test Pre/Post Conditions

New thread started 4 years ago
I'm trying out test driven development (TDD) and would appreciate some advice. If you are an engineer who practices TDD or unit testing, I would like to know if...

Re: How to Get and Keep a Job

Reply posted 4 years ago (09/24/2020)
I received my bachelor’s degree in 2013, so I’d like to share some advice aimed at engineering students who have some time left in university.Prefer an engineering...
Do you have any link to the gpiod library documentation or source code?

Re: When is a State Machine not a State Machine?

Reply posted 4 years ago (07/20/2020)
I would argue that this code describes a state machine with the two states you have indicated: LED_OFF and LED_ON.The transitions between the states are triggered...

Re: Advice on resetting local function variables

Reply posted 4 years ago (06/28/2020)
You might find Miro Samek’s free e-book helpful. It covers OOP design principles but with a focus on C

Re: To Cast, or Not to Cast

Reply posted 4 years ago (06/26/2020)
Hello Max, Though I’m still an amateur, I’ll share my opinion based on what I’ve picked up from self-study. Don’t take what I say on faith, but run some...
Could it be related to your target triple? I see you have arm-linux-gnueabi, but I think there’s another version specifically for hardware floating point: arm-linux-gnueabihf....

Re: Block diagram software

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/09/2020)
I’ve tried Modelio which is free and works with UML and SysML.PlantUML is an interesting program from generating UML diagrams from a basic markup language. It...

Re: Rolling over before reaching 256 (8051)

Reply posted 4 years ago (02/08/2020)
Hi mik3ca,It sounds like you’re trying to reserve a few byte values for control, but if these values show up in your data, you need to replace them so your serial...

Re: Low level programming

Reply posted 5 years ago (03/18/2019)
This thread is a little old, but I think I’m in a similar place to you. You’ve already gotten lots of good advice from the experienced members of the forum;...

Re: ADC Read Sequencing for Motor Control

Reply posted 6 years ago (05/31/2018)

ADC Read Sequencing for Motor Control

New thread started 6 years ago
I am studying embedded control by working on a BLDC motor control with the NXP FRDM-KV11Z development board (Kinetis microcontroller). I’ve read enough articles...

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