I Need a Test Specification Template

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I'm sorry that this isn't related to embedded systems but I'm in a bit of a pickle. I have to write a test specification document for a vibration test for motorcycle headlights. I have all the information about the tests themselves, but I don't know what the format of a test specification document should be, especially in the case of automotive/motorcycle hardware -- do you have any idea where I can get a template I could use?

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Reply by waydanMarch 10, 2022

Hi Max,

I've conducted a few customer-acceptance tests including writing the test reports. I don't follow a formal template, just a general set of items I've observed on other reports I've seen. Sometimes customers require a test plan (what you'll do) and test result (the data from the actual test) as separate reports. I often prefer to combine these.

Here's what I generally include:

  1. Test summary - What are is being testing (and possibly why)
  2. Test description - How the test will be conducted. This section should include any applicable standards. A diagram or pictures of the test setup, test stand, or test rig is also useful.
  3. Test sequence - Each separate test, maybe listed in chronological order. Each test item should describe the setup, and inspection point(s). Acceptance criteria should be specified before the test and results should be reported near the criteria for easy comparison.
  4. Traceability - Table of all instrumentation including serial number and calibration information. This may be especially critical for ISO9001-certified companies. Multiple units under test should be serialized and the tests they undergo tabulated for easy reference.
  5. Approval - Signatures from certification bodies or test engineers.

I also did some Googling for "MIL-STD-810 514.7 test report" (the most relevant vibration test I know of) and found an actual test report you could look at for inspiration. I've seen similar-looking reports at work for vibration testing, but I can't share those.



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Reply by MaxMaxfieldMarch 10, 2022

Hi there -- this is awesome -- thanks so much for taking the time to write this up -- I really appreciate it -- Max