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A true pioneer passes away... A farewell to Ritchie.

Gene Breniman October 15, 20115 comments

We all have our heroes.  We all have people who were important to our professional developments.  For me, Dennis Ritchie was one of those people.  I was an early adopter of the C programming language.  Back in the very early 80's a friend and neighbor had excitedly shared with me his copy of "The C Programming Language" by Kernighan and Ritchie.  At first I was a non-believer.  I had for several years been a happy and productive assembly language...

An overview of Linux Boot Process for Embedded Systems

Kunal Singh December 25, 200811 comments

This Text provides an insight in to the Embedded Linux Boot Process. Reader should have a basic Knowledge of Boot Process in general and should be familiar with Embedded Linux Boot Process.

.................PART-A................(1) Software components Involved in Embedded Linux Boot Process    (a) Bootloader    (b) kernel Image    (c) root file system - either an initrd image or a NFS location(2) Steps during Booting process of a conventional...

Building Linux Kernel for Desktops

Kunal Singh August 9, 20084 comments

Linux Development has made an amazing process in last decade. Different Linux Distributions come with specific tools which greatly ease down the build process for Linux Kernel.

Here is a good introduction to these build tools and build procedure for different Linux Distributions:

Building Kernel for Fedora

Building Kernel for Ubuntu

Building Kernel for Suse...

Handling latency in data acquisition systems

Fabien Le Mentec November 8, 2015

In recent projects, I found myself working with data acquisition systems. For instance: PCIe/10GbE readouts for 2D XRay detectors (RASHPA slides, RASHPA paper) instruments mixing 1D signal acquisition and triggering, microcontroller based system for audio transmission: (NRF spearker)

Open-Source Licenses Made Easy with Buildroot and Yocto for Embedded Linux

George Emad October 2, 2023

In this article I will try to explain what are the copyrights/copyleft, what are the popular opensource software licenses, and how to make sure that your Embedded Linux system complies with them using popular build systems ; Buildroot or YOCTO projec

Off the shelf availability of Custom IoT Gateway

Prasan Dutt May 12, 2019

Any IoT implementation requires a gateway. Since most industrial gateways comes at a price above average, choosing a right gateway for your new IoT requirement could be a daunting task. With the advancement in IIoT, several segments of industry use cases are popping up and each with their unique requirements. For example, condition monitoring of a thermal power plant, predictive maintenance of factory heavy machinery and asset tracking of containers in a shipping yard etc. Every such...

The 2024 Embedded Online Conference