But Where Should the LEDs Go?

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This is a follow-on to my previous post on Karnaugh Map minimizations https://www.embeddedrelated.com/thread/12579/karna...

Only if you are interested, I just posted a little blog asking for feedback on an interesting proposal for the positioning of a pair of LEDs (red and green) to be associated with each output from a logic gate https://www.clivemaxfield.com/but-where-should-the...

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have an awesome holiday -- if you don't celebrate this occasion, then I how you have an awesome day anyway.

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Reply by DilbertoNovember 30, 2020

Hi 'K'live ( kkk )

It's very funny to read from you!    :-)

Matt's idea is very good but, as you say, there is always more than one way to do things.

Another ideas about LED's positioning would be :

1. Use a bicolor LED in line with the signal line ( I don't know if there is an SMD version of a bicolor LED. SMD RGB LEDs I know they exist, because I use them ).

2. Use both LEDs inline with the signal line ( this may complicate the layout ).

One final comment : All we know that "There is not such a thing like a free lunch"


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Reply by MaxMaxfieldNovember 30, 2020

Hi Dilberto -- If I had a choice, I'd make all the LEDs tricolor and give the user the ability to select the 0 and 1 colors (to accommodate people with color vision problems) -- I'm sure they do make bicolor SMT LEDs, but there's a reason the guy designing the board doesn't want to use them. Having both LEDs in line with the signal is another alternative we're looking at -- so many choces! LOL