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Ok, it's kinda petty, but I DO post missives, yet seem to get no attribution.

If you're stopping counting, then delete the column showing them. Otherwise keep them accurate: One or the Other. I've mentioned this before with no response.... you want quality contributors? Consider that we as you are one. G.H.  <<<)))

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Reply by stephanebApril 29, 2021


are you saying that the 'top contributors' counter isn't counting properly the thumbs-ups allocated to your contributions to the forum?  

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Reply by CustomSargeApril 29, 2021

AHhhh, I thought it simply counted posts. I'm just not getting many thumbs up "votes". That's fine by me, if I don't contribute in a meaningful way, I didn't earn it. Thanks for the clarification.  <<<)))

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Reply by Bob11April 29, 2021

I'm not sure why I have so many, other than that I've been on this forum since stephaneb began it. You can have some of mine--there's too much pressure here at the top :-)

Seriously, CustomSarge has a point. The list seems to have been frozen in position for some time. I've been busy and not contributing as much as before, and am somewhat surprised that the more prolific contributors haven't already passed me. I know I've given my share of thumbs-up to at least the six folks below me and yet the horses remain mostly fixed in position. Stephane, you might want to check that everything is working as intended.

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Reply by stephanebMay 2, 2021

Hello Bob11,

hmm, I just clicked on the thumbs-up button for your post and after refreshing the page, your count did go up.  When you have a minute, would you mind doing a test of your own and maybe click on the button for one of CustomSarge's reply?  Then refresh the page and see if the counter has went up for CustomSarge?  Thanks a lot!


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Reply by Bob11May 3, 2021

Hi Stephane,

I tried as you suggested and it seemed to work correctly. Perhaps we're all just thumbs-upping everyone else's posts, so no one can gain ground :-)

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Reply by stephanebApril 29, 2021

Your frequent contributions to the forum are appreciated!

From my side, I need to do a better job at educating the users to notice and click on the thumbs-up button a little more.