SPI message length doesn't modify for different SPI clock frequencies

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I'm trying to send a 8 bytes SPI message for different SPI clock frequencies (like 4, 8 and 10 MHz), but I noticed that the message length is constant, only the distance between signals is modified. Is it possible to have this distance between signals constant, but the message length to be increased based on the SPI clock frequency?

Some additional information:
I use SMCLK as source for SPI clock
Freq of SMCLK = 16 MHz
Freq of MCLK = 16 MHZ
Clock signal for SMCLK and MCLK = DCOCLK
SPI channel: USCI_A0

Thank you.

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Reply by MichaelKellettJune 2, 2017

What processor and programming environment are you using ?

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Reply by MugurelJune 2, 2017

Hello Michael,

I'm using a MSP430F5328 microcontroller and Code Composer Studio v6.1 as programming environment.

Thank you.