high sampling ADC and DAC board

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Hi all

I am working on 200 KHz echo sounder. I require a compact high sampling ADC (16bit, >800 Ksamples/s) and DAC (>1 Msamples/s) board for my application. 

Can any one suggest some commercial solution meeting both requirements in minature form?



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Reply by pwdandekarSeptember 26, 2017


You can select a ADC and DAC module from companies like TI, Analog Devices or Burr Brown. 

But if you have not yet finalized a microcontroller then you can use Freescale's KL64 ARM Cortex M4 MCU. It has 2 ADCs of 800 ksamples/s and a fast DAC as well. The MCU runs at 120 MHz. You will find quite a few ARM mbed compatible MCUs sporting fast ADCs and DACs. 

Best wishes.

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Reply by jkvasanSeptember 26, 2017

Hi Nauman

You may try LPC82X series of microcontrollers from NXP.


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Reply by naumankaliaSeptember 26, 2017


Thanks for help.