Why empty folders don't import to eclipse project ?

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I invoked tortoise svn client to checkout 'c' language project from subversion repository.  Checkout is successful.  All folders/files and empty folders for storing derived
objects are in the checkedout folder.

I create eclipse workspace.  Then, I create empty 'c project' in eclipse.

I import checkedout project to eclipse as follows:

From eclipse main menu, File -  Import  -  General  -  File System.  I browse to folder in windows explorer that contain the checkout project.  I click Finish.
Project is imported to eclipse but empty folders didn't get imported.  In the Import diaglog box, empty folders were selected.  Why didn't they import ?

If I completely bypass tortoise svn client and checkout project from eclipse svn plugin, then empty folders are present in the eclipse project.
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Reply by learnFebruary 4, 2018
This might be a problem with eclipse Import Wizard because dragging files from the file system and dropping them into one of eclipse navigation views works.  Empty folders are imported.
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Reply by learnFebruary 4, 2018

This is bug in eclipse.  See attached.eclipse File Import Bug.PNG