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Embedded systems consultant, active since 1978. First started working with ARM processors in 1994

Re: Recommendation on Choice of RTOS

Reply posted 2 years ago (02/01/2022)
Have you considered FreeRTOS or did you already rule it out for some reason?https://www.freertos.org/STM32U5/

Re: Does anyone have experience in RFSoCs?

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/21/2020)

Re: Covid-19 Stories

Reply posted 4 years ago (03/25/2020)
I haven't been infected, but the grocery store owner where I'd by Alphonso mangos from India died of COVID-19 on the weekend!https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/family-of-healthy-toronto-man-who-died-of-covid-19-warn-his-tragic-story-will-not-be-unique-1.4864576And...

Re: STMicroelectronics 8 bit MCUs

Reply posted 5 years ago (08/30/2019)
Hi Deb,I don't have an answer to your question, but have you tried posting in the community forums instead of creating a support question?  That way, ST won't ask...

Re: MFRC522 Internal buffer

Reply posted 5 years ago (05/01/2019)
The internal 64 byte FIFO, which is what it appears that section is referring to is mentioned here on page 44: FIFODataReg register Input and output...

Re: extended memory move operations in 8051

Reply posted 5 years ago (03/25/2019)
Since you still want to use an 8051 instead of an ARM Cortex-M like most people would do, you should consider downloading an 8051 simulator such as "EdSim51DI" ...

Re: Glass that transfers light

Reply posted 5 years ago (02/04/2019)
Yes, locked into an 8051 when there are many much better choices.ST has some low power parts in the ST32L family, but the new G0 family would work well also,   ...

Re: Glass that transfers light

Reply posted 5 years ago (01/29/2019)
How did you pick that detector?It has its peak sensitivity at 940 nm according to the datasheet  - see page 3http://www.everlight.com/file/productfile/pt334-6c...But...
I think it would be much easier for someone to help if you posted some code.    My guess is that you are using the incorrect format specifiers in your code but...

Re: Programmer for AT89LP series of 8051's

Reply posted 5 years ago (12/29/2018)
Maybe my answer won't help you, but I am curious why you would spend the time on this programmer instead of buying a commercial one such as the $100 GQ-4X4 from...

Re: MPS20N0040D-D sensor not working properly

Reply posted 6 years ago (05/06/2018)
How far are you immersing the tube in water?   That sensor has a range of around 0 to 35 psi. Your value of 141 counts is roughly 4 psi, which translates to...
Did you think about how you would evaluate the performance of a system with a single device?    A tool such a Tracealyser from Percepio could be of help.You can...

Re: Problem when using MSP430G2553 without Launchpad

Reply posted 6 years ago (03/17/2018)
I don't have time to figure out what the schematic would look like, but I noticed that you don't have any decoupling capacitors in the circuit.   The problem is...

Re: Inexpensive System on Module with WiFi, BT and HDMI

Reply posted 7 years ago (10/12/2017)
If the RPi zero can do the job for $10, why not use it?   I am sure there is an unlimited supply of them.   

Re: LED blinking patter

Reply posted 7 years ago (09/14/2017)
Why are you using such a complicated method to flash an LED in a simple pattern?   There are much simpler ways to do it.   Is there some requirement that you haven't...

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