Reference Designs for Solar Inverters?

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Does anyone have links, tutorials, or related information on open source (HW/SW) inverter designs suited for a good SW controlled micro-inverter (DC->AC) for solar panels?


Dave Comer

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Reply by TheCaptainApril 23, 2022

Have a look on Arduino pages

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Reply by s-lightApril 24, 2022

Hello Dave,

in a documentation film they showed a remote micro-grid..
the controller for these was i think ESP32 or so based and the cases 3d-printed..
i did not remember what it was called..
a quick search on open source micro-grid resulted in this:
but after looking at it it turns out its only a very meta starting point..
nothing final.

and i found

the second is from GreatScott! - i like his style to explain things...

i personally just use a commercial one (phoenix 500) in my small off-grid setup..
(i needed something that just works ;-) - and if i find some spare time i will try to read / do something with the management connection)

if you find a good tutorial / build one - please post here!

sunny greetings

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Reply by jmford94April 29, 2022

Here's a TI reference design.  It might be overkill, but you might be able to scale it back.  Just came through my email this morning.


Here's a page of related smaller pieces: