Engineer working in motion control, signal processing, and engineering design. Industrial automation, scientific computing, and big science projects are my interests.

There are a number of modbus slave libraries for Arduino on github.  I haven't used them, but I'd start there...

Re: Communication between ARM and DSP

Reply posted 2 months ago (12/15/2020)
The link you shared is for a benchmark copying data through the Linux kernel into userspace.  You will get many times more performance if you are working with the...

Re: Embedded C - Linking obj file

Reply posted 4 months ago (11/12/2020)
Many if not all linkers will link in all the objects that are in a single file.  You can split up the .obj into separate files and put them in a library to be more...

Re: Energy managment

Reply posted 6 months ago (08/25/2020)
The important thing is the energy balance, so that the system can be designed to take in enough to charge the battery or other storage you have.I agree with Matthew's...

Re: When is a State Machine not a State Machine?

Reply posted 7 months ago (07/20/2020)
I would say that it is.  The 2 states are LED_LO and LED_HIGH.  Not a very efficient use of CPU cycles, but it gets the job done.  
I think in general you should stick to signed or unsigned int, and let the compiler figure it out.  If you get to the end of the project and need a few more bytes...

Re: Improvement in Software design

Reply posted 10 months ago (05/05/2020)
I would get rid of the const in the argument, since you are overwriting stuff in the structure anyway.  This would make it more obvious what the intent of the...

Re: Digital PID controller implementation in C++

Reply posted 1 year ago (12/04/2019)
The problem with just zeroing it is that sometimes the integral term provides a lot of the command signal to a process, and if you zero it, it can take a long time...

Re: Digital PID controller implementation in C++

Reply posted 1 year ago (12/02/2019)
Yes, to avoid a transient, the integral needs to be initialized to the value that when used in the PID calculation will give the current output value, ignoring the...

Re: MSP430 Understanding

Reply posted 1 year ago (11/12/2019)
I think that you can program up to 4 hardware registers it recognizes in the IIC hardware.  See this app note.
1) Before jumping into coding, thinking, reading/writing, and understanding documents like requirements documents and design documents (however brief.  No need...

Re: LCD character update speed with AT89S52 micro

Reply posted 2 years ago (12/30/2018)
Another idea is to not use an interrupt, but poll the buffer in some place in your program, i.e. if you have an idle loop, use the dead time to update the LCD. You...

Re: Voltage swing for MSP430 PWM output

Reply posted 2 years ago (10/15/2018)
Maybe you need a pull-down resistor or load on the PWM output, otherwise it is floating?

Re: Learning FPGA

Reply posted 2 years ago (09/12/2018)
Hi StephaneAlthough I have been building embedded systems for 30 years, I have only recently started developing my own FPGA designs, so I think that I still have...

Re: Timer Implementation MSP430F5529LP

Reply posted 2 years ago (09/03/2018)
There are timers in the MSP430 that you can configure to create the time delay needed.  Then you can trigger the timer off the seat switch.  Then if the timer...

Re: Which FPGA kit to start with in 2018?

Reply posted 3 years ago (03/26/2018)
I agree with this suggestion for Lattice parts.  But be aware that they will not allow you to register for support if you have a gmail or university email.  I'm...

Re: Which Linux Editor should I use ?

Reply posted 3 years ago (01/12/2018)
You can google 'Eclipse VI plugin' for a list of eclipse plug-ins that support VI commands.

Re: Which Linux Editor should I use ?

Reply posted 3 years ago (01/12/2018)
Assuming you're not trolling us, here's a reply  :)I suggest you try different editors, and find one that suits you.  Consider other editors that you must use...
MartinThompson's post sums it up pretty well, but I have a perspective that I want to share.  I am working with really big (OK.  There are bigger, now!) parts...

Re: Power supply for router.

Reply posted 3 years ago (09/28/2017)
Do you need the 3.3 V linear regulator in there for some reason, or can you go straight to 3.3 from 12?  The 2576 is available in a 3.3 V and an adjustable version.Anyway,...

Re: Power supply for router.

Reply posted 3 years ago (09/26/2017)
I would look at the power supply with the scope while it is booting, with a trigger set on an excursion from 3.3 volts.  You may not have enough capacitance or...

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