How to access gpio from userspace and kernelspace continuously and sequentially

Started by Saniya 1 year ago4 replieslatest reply 1 year ago147 views
Hello Everyone,I need your help to write a clean code to toggle gpio in userspace and kernel space simultaneouslyI am working on a project, which involves cryptography...

Energy managment

Started by Keturioz 1 year ago4 replieslatest reply 1 year ago58 views
Hello, I want to build an embedded system. The difficult part is, it only gains power at certain times. So I obviously need a battery pack, and i need to charge...

Anybody experienced in Advantech PCM 9373

Started by ve3id 1 year ago6 replieslatest reply 1 year ago65 views
I picked a couple out of the 'for later use' pile. They each came with Philips LP104S5 LCD panels/.I want to build a dual dhcp and nfs server and thought that they...

Protothreads vs State Machines

Started by serbayozkan 1 year ago146 views
Dear forum membersI study/work on event-driven programming in embedded systems for a while. I follow the Miro Samek's articles, book (Practical UML statecharts in...

When is a State Machine not a State Machine?

Started by MaxMaxfield 1 year ago12 replieslatest reply 1 year ago245 views
Suppose we have a loop() function in an Arduino sketch (program) that looks like the following:void loop(){    digitalWrite(PinLed, HIGH);    delay(1000);   ...

Custom LCD

Started by Kocsonya 1 year ago2 replieslatest reply 1 year ago70 views
For a scientific project I'd need a linear polariser where I can control the polarisation angle on a pixel by pixel basis.My idea is to use an LCD, with only one...

AT45DB641E dataflash

Started by gowtham_kk 1 year ago5 replieslatest reply 1 year ago61 views
In the process the migrating from using a memory chip AT45DB081D (1MB) to AT45DB641E (8MB) for little larger space, I got stuck.I was using the drivers for the dataflash...

How Can Hairy Global Variable be Hidden Away?

Started by MaxMaxfield 1 year ago12 replieslatest reply 1 year ago81 views
Hi there, sorry to bug you with yet another stupid coding question (I R a hardware design engineer). This is related to my 12x12 ping pong ball array where each...

Do I need this mask and cast?

Started by MaxMaxfield 1 year ago21 replieslatest reply 1 year ago200 views
This is just a quick question -- take a look at the following function:uint8_t GetBlue (uint32_t tmpColor){    return (uint8_t) (tmpColor & 0xFF);}I'm writing...

STM32H747 GPIO access by two cores

Started by kman 1 year ago6 replieslatest reply 1 year ago195 views
HiI use dual-core STM32H747 for math processing and periodic output via QuadSPI on M7 processor, and the rest of hardware control with I2C on M4. Apparently I reserved...

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