One-Hot or Not?

Started by MaxMaxfield 2 months ago8 replieslatest reply 2 months ago78 views
Here's another question that just popped into my mind. Suppose we have a state machine with four states, we could represent these states using two registers and...

Reclaim MSP430F5438A unused interrupt vector locations in IAR tools

Started by dynamo 2 months ago1 replylatest reply 2 months ago51 views
The MSP430F5438A defines the addresses for its interrupt vectors from 0xFF80-0xFFFF, but only the addresses from 0xFFD2-0xFFFF are used. The MSP430F5438A manual...

Using ESP32 cam for face recognition attendance system in educational institutions

Started by Vishweshbhat2000 2 months ago8 replieslatest reply 2 months ago153 views
Scenario: I have a python code that successfully does face recognition using my laptop webcam. Since I am using "cv2.VideoCapture(0)", the code uses my webcam. And...

Please explain LIN Parameter, bit quantization.

Started by learn 2 months ago51 views
We are using number of Local Interconnect Network(LIN) channels from Renesas RH850 / U2A16 Microcontroller in our embedded system.  All LIN channels in our embedded...

3V LED selection for commercial product

Started by rrzayev 3 months ago5 replieslatest reply 3 months ago64 views
We are using WS2812B model LED on our device prototype. It is very simple to use, and works good for our application. Now we are designing the commercial version,...

Contribution counters

Started by CustomSarge 3 months ago6 replieslatest reply 3 months ago54 views
Ok, it's kinda petty, but I DO post missives, yet seem to get no attribution.If you're stopping counting, then delete the column showing them. Otherwise keep them accurate:...

External code coverage

Started by jyang72211 3 months ago4 replieslatest reply 3 months ago73 views
With black-box test cases running on an embedded target, is there a way to determine what lines of code are executed without compiling the embedded code with a...

SDKs and project management

Started by CustomSarge 6 months ago10 replieslatest reply 3 months ago78 views
Reading the Nordic SDK issue, let's expand the topic as in the title.I can't be the only one frustrated past anger at how SDKs make code and project portability...

How to fix CAN Bit Stuffing Error

Started by learn 4 months ago8 replieslatest reply 3 months ago92 views
Our ADAS Controller is based on Renesas RH850/U2A16 Microcontrollers.  We are using Infineon TLE9255WSK Partial Network CAN Transceivers.  We are using Vector...

MSP430G2553: Problems while running without debugger.

Started by Jesu84 4 months ago6 replieslatest reply 3 months ago94 views
Hello!I have a school project where MSP430G2ET launchpad measures soil moisture and runs a pump when soil is dry. It's also measures light and save some data to...

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