Adding a percentage to a 16-bit number in 8051

Started by mik3ca 3 months ago15 replieslatest reply 2 months ago89 views
I am currently using early 8051's in my major project (specifically AT89S52 and AT89C4051 with 22.1184Mhz crystals attached), but one thing I want to be able to...

Low level programming

Started by aniruddhpr4 3 months ago24 replieslatest reply 3 months ago224 views
I am a newbie when it comes to embedded programming. I can program simple stuff if I am given the header files and all the startup code for ARM or AVR etc. But,...

Virtual (cycle accurate) CPU simulations

Started by strubi 3 months ago3 replieslatest reply 3 months ago90 views
Hi all, I've been hacking away on a CPU builder in the past years that allows to build a microcontroller kinda from scratch with some standard peripherals in...

Help designing Embedded PI Controller

Started by XaviPacheco 3 months ago12 replieslatest reply 3 months ago76 views
I'm designing an embedded PI controller using a STM32 Nucleo board. In the PWM configuration, a 0 means 0% duty and 800 means 100% duty. The objetive is to regulate...

I2C ADV7403

Started by saeedhassan 3 months ago12 replieslatest reply 3 months ago70 views
Hello guys, I am trying to read and write data on ADV7403 decoder IC on my designed board. I have been through almost all questions regarding I2C bus with ADV7403...

ARM7TDMI - Nov 2018 - Need supported OS.

Started by KernelCoder12 4 months ago5 replieslatest reply 3 months ago83 views
Hello, Looking for an OS to run on the ARM7TDMI in the year 2018. Extra points for it having support for security fixes.

Flash Programmer, s19

Started by splee2 4 months ago4 replieslatest reply 4 months ago62 views
Hi,What is the purpose of s19 file? Am I right that it is used by flash programmer to download the code to MCU? But why can't a flash programmer download binary...

What would be difference between clock latency and propagation delay?

Started by tip_can19 4 months ago4 replieslatest reply 4 months ago95 views
I believe the clock latency is the total time it takes from the clock source to an end point. Whereas, the propagation delay would simply be the delay between...

CAN interfacing with lpc2148 via spi

Started by pavan123 4 months ago3 replieslatest reply 4 months ago55 views
hello all,I am interfacing mcp2515 can controller with lpc2148 via spi. and for this i need to write the code but i do not know how to write code for this interfacing??do...

Nand flash read isuue

Started by oddparity 4 months ago8 replieslatest reply 4 months ago45 views
Hi, I have a custom made board based on Atmel SAME70Q20 microcontroller. I am having trouble figuring out a strange bug related to external Flash. I have integrated...

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