USB composite device with Cortex M

Started by meleghengersor 3 months ago1 replylatest reply 3 months ago60 views
I would like to be able to send and receive audio signal, receive audio and have a serial connection running at the same time. I know that the Teensy boards (Cortex...

What to do ??? (social distancing...)

Started by JimAnderson255 3 months ago63 views
I have an original, first run, discontinued processor, Banana Pi BPI-M2 quad core SBC.I'm presently using it's larger brother BPI-M3 Octal core device as my MIDI...

stm32h753 rtc resets after power down (vbat is connected)

Started by vouria 4 months ago2 replieslatest reply 4 months ago51 views
Hello, I am using a stm32h753 and stm32cubemx, and trying to run the RTC module on VBAT. To do this I have connected a battery to the MCU. RTC is connected to LSE....

Wireless Connectivity Options for Embedded Systems

Started by stephaneb 4 months ago1 replylatest reply 4 months ago86 views
The goal of this #faq thread is to have a discussion on the many different wireless connectivity options for Embedded Systems. Let's start, if you don't mind, with...

Project using system bus (like I2C) VS project without any system bus

Started by Max_01 5 months ago5 replieslatest reply 4 months ago85 views
Hi everyone !I'm new to embedded systems domaine and I have this question; if we don't use any system bus in a radar project that is based on PIC microcontroller...

Final Push and Could use your Help

Started by stephaneb 5 months ago168 views
Hello,by now, I suspect that most of you are already signed-up for the upcoming Embedded Online Conference that I am currently organizing with Jacob Beningo (@beningjw).I...

Power Consumption Calculation and Estimation Methode

Started by amh_87 5 months ago1 replylatest reply 5 months ago53 views
Hi everyone, I currently do a project in designing an electronics circuits about hardware tester. This hardware tester should be used for testing some/all peripherals...

Funny or Not Funny?

Started by stephaneb 5 months ago9 replieslatest reply 5 months ago98 views
Hello friends,I am well known in my entourage for not always having the best judgement with my humor and sometimes crossing a line and making people cringe.  I...

Rolling over before reaching 256 (8051)

Started by mik3ca 5 months ago7 replieslatest reply 5 months ago72 views
I have an idea where I can transmit data on the packet to avoid byte stuffing. The way I would do it is to limit the possible byte combinations to one of 253 (instead...

New Embedded Online Conference website, need your help testing it.

Started by stephaneb 6 months ago15 replieslatest reply 5 months ago166 views
Together with my friend Jacob Beningo, we have been working hard lately on putting together a platform to hold online conferences:https://www.embeddedonlineconference.comBefore...

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