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Re: Five different ways of incrementing a variable in C?

Reply posted 4 months ago (03/16/2021)
Oooh - good question - smarter minds than me write compilers!Here's an example:First the C code:And the same line compiled:

Re: Five different ways of incrementing a variable in C?

Reply posted 4 months ago (03/16/2021)
Using Fred -= -1; is not as unusual as you might think.The AVR Compiler for ATMEGA chips almost always adds numbers by subtracting their -ve equivalent. Probably...

Re: UART with GUI interface

Reply posted 9 months ago (10/20/2020)
I'm guessing Windows.Any C/C++ Compiler should be able to access COM Ports, but after about COM4 the naming converntion channges to "\\.\COMx"Here's some well used...

Re: Do I need this mask and cast?

Reply posted 1 year ago (07/07/2020)
Ahhh.. Arduino IDE --  well IIRC that only produces HEX and not the ASM files, so you'd need to capture the hex and pump it through ObjDump to see the assembly....

Re: Do I need this mask and cast?

Reply posted 1 year ago (07/07/2020)
Why not encourage your readers to try it all ways - and to compare the ASM listing to see what (if any) the effects of the mask and cast are.It is always good for...

Re: Software Bugs

Reply posted 1 year ago (05/28/2020)
For future code readability and maintenance, every time, use  compiled language.Not, by the way Java or C# or any other byte-code language. They are totally unnecessary...
When you can't get the answer to the questions, one should test the results.If you are coding for general release, where the end-user may re-compile the source code,...

Re: LinkIt Smart 7688 - serial port doesn't work

Reply posted 1 year ago (05/26/2020)
Also, the OpenWRT image on these devices is very old (Barrier Breaker, or Chaos Calmer probably). Have you considered the security implications of that?

Re: LinkIt Smart 7688 - serial port doesn't work

Reply posted 1 year ago (05/26/2020)
I use the LinkitSmart and Duo as well as HLK-7688 (very similar modules).The serial port hardware exists and is working, but the external pins are shared with the...
The .map file is a human readable file.The compiler makes human readable files, for er.... humans!The _ prefix to variable names helps you to identify variables.You...

Re: Funny or Not Funny?

Reply posted 1 year ago (02/14/2020)
Since we're being politically incorrect... here's my 2p worth.Not just with humour, but with almost everything now, it used to be the opinion of the majority which...

Re: How to get the IR Remote Control Protocol ?

Reply posted 2 years ago (09/26/2019)
You are right that there are a number of different IR prtocols.None of them are very difficult to decode or emulate, so you are in luck!I'm certain there will already...

Re: What do *you* call "Deeply Embedded"

Reply posted 2 years ago (06/21/2019)
For me, deeply embedded would be a small MCU, with firmware, that does a simple task and has no means of being field updatable, and doesn't even have a programming...

Re: Regarding a specific microcontroller

Reply posted 2 years ago (04/30/2019)
Why not just write an app for an iPhone / Android phone?That will have gyro, accelerometer, camera, multi-core processor, debug tools, wifi, bluetooth and a whole...

Re: Nand flash read isuue

Reply posted 3 years ago (10/16/2018)
There's probably a few ways to debug this, and I don't know much about what else is on your board, nor even which make of external flash you are using. (eg is it...

Re: Learning FPGA

Reply posted 3 years ago (09/12/2018)
One important thing to remember is that Verilog and VHDL are hardware description languages, not some kind of fancy software. One must try not to think in terms...

Re: Event Driven Protocols for RS-485

Reply posted 3 years ago (07/17/2018)
If you are in control of the firmware at both ends, why not implement your own protocol?Failing that, you could add "concentrator" devices which will poll a sub-set...

Re: SPI communication

Reply posted 3 years ago (06/13/2018)
Also, the state of the CLOCK and MOSI lines prior to first transmission can dictate the phase and polarity of the signals - maybe you have an issue there?

Re: SPI communication

Reply posted 3 years ago (06/13/2018)
I'd like to see the bit sequence on a scope to be sure. SPI is a funny thing, you send one byte, followed by 0 or more dummy bytes, and read the reply while you...

Re: Using IR Photodiode as a sensor

Reply posted 4 years ago (01/05/2018)
Wait a minute... if a 1 in the PxDIR register makes that pin an output, then P5DIR should be 0x00 not 0x01 - your input pin, is being configured as an output!**EDIT**...

Re: Using IR Photodiode as a sensor

Reply posted 4 years ago (01/05/2018)
** SEE MY OTHER REPLY, I THINK THAT WILL FIX IT **I've used the MSP430 a little bit in the past, but not much.I have always put the PxSEL configuration before any...
I believe the MPU6050 is I2C, so when the MPU6050 data ready interrupt occurs, you then read the data using I2C but you haven't said what speed you are running the...

Re: Applying Abstraction concepts in firmware

Reply posted 4 years ago (12/12/2017)
I'm not sure what you mean by 'Abstraction concepts' but here are some things I've used, based on my (maybe incorrect) assumption of what you might mean.1. Abstracting...

Re: Problem of Input voltage for LM4862 audio amplifier

Reply posted 4 years ago (11/21/2017)
The capacitor is a DC blocking capacitor - it simply removes any DC bias from the audio signal.

Re: FPGA curve fitting

Reply posted 4 years ago (09/05/2017)
To be honest, you'd be better off with DSP rather than FPGA.

Re: Capturing values in ultrasonic sensor using lpc2148

Reply posted 4 years ago (07/10/2017)
>>delay_ms(1000); //delay for 10usThat is not a 10 us delay - that would be 1 second!

Re: Embedded linux SoC recommendations?

Reply posted 4 years ago (06/26/2017)
Thanks again, Tim.I'd have no problem rolling my own design - and might just do that using the MediaTech chipset, as it has the backing of OpenWRT. It's just the...

Re: Embedded linux SoC recommendations?

Reply posted 4 years ago (06/23/2017)
With mobile tied up with ARM (incl Apple Ax chipset) and PC market share slipping, you'd think they'd want a top slice of the IoT market, and Edison was a great...

Re: Embedded linux SoC recommendations?

Reply posted 4 years ago (06/21/2017)
That rambutan module might be a good solution. It seems to be pretty powerful, with all the right features. I'll look further into that one. Thanks!

Re: Embedded linux SoC recommendations?

Reply posted 4 years ago (06/21/2017)
Thanks for the fast reply!Believe it or not, the PI Zero and PI-Zero-W are too big also, and again don't really look professional when embedded into a commercial...

Embedded linux SoC recommendations?

New thread started 4 years ago
I've just spent a significant amount of money developing products around Intel's Edison module.It is a low cost, small, low power, embedded Linux module with UARTs,...

Re: bluetooth IC/module suggestion help

Reply posted 4 years ago (05/17/2017)
Try the BC127 from BlueCreation - they also have a range of other modules, if that one doesn't suit.You can find it here.I have used the BC127 extensively in the...

Re: Regarding current limiting series resistor

Reply posted 4 years ago (04/21/2017)
Hi Kevbo - great answer!It's interesting that you mention latch-up. It is still quite common in some devices. (AVR Dragon anyone?) It's a trap for beginners too.I...

Re: msp430 rs485 multiplex communication

Reply posted 4 years ago (03/13/2017)
You don't say what you are communicating with, but if you are writing the code which runs on all your devices connected to RS485, then you are in control.Sending...

Re: PID without a PhD

Reply posted 5 years ago (04/27/2016)
That was a great read! Thanks - it has demystified much of PID control for me.
I certainly agree with @fabatera - You should check if something already exists. If nothing exists, then... You should see if there is something similar that you...
Yes I left out cobol, fortan, etc as they don't have much headway in embedded.C# is similar to Java in that it does get cmpiled - but not the code that can run on...
Here's a wee example (Using Xcode on Mac OS X 10.1.14):The following C code generates an executable which is 18,464 bytes on disk.#include <stdio.h> int main(int...
By overhead I mean things like the extra ram required to track the things that are allocated using 'new' (or even "malloc" in c).
I've used PSoC3, PSoC4 and PSoC5 a lot! They are great things, almost like an FPGA with a hard-core built in. I use them extensively.The PSoC Creator IDE uses GCC...
@jms_nh - Yes oops! My enthusiasm boiled over and I poured out stuff that was a bit off-topic!As for my views on the specifics of C++, I think I'd sum it up like...
The difference between C/C++ and just about every other language out there (with the exception of assembly, which is device specific) is that it is a COMPILED language.Pretty...

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